Focusing on your Gifting and Calling

Introduction to Focusing on your Gifting Calling


Why we focus on gifting and calling:

Obstacles to focusing:



Spiritual Gifts


Discovering your spiritual gifts:


“The term “heart” is used in the Bible to describe the internal, often hidden core of your motivation and passions. It often uncovers the “Why” behind how I feel and act the way I do.Finding areas where you have the strongest emotional response like “I Love …”, or “I Hate …” or even identifying your “Favorites” can help illuminate your heart.” Here are some questions to determine where your heart is:

  • List 3 activities you are most passionate about.
  • Describe your favorite hobby.
  • What would you consider your greatest accomplishment at home, school, work, etc?
  • What is something you always wanted to do but never had the chance to?
  • If you could secretly do anything for God, what would you do?
  • What area of ministry bothers you the most when done poorly?
  • What audience are you most excited to speak to and why?
  • After answering the questions above, can you clearly describe an area of ministry you are most passionate about?
  • What is one word that describes your heart?


Abilities can be described as areas where you are the most talented. Most are natural talents but sometimes it can be skills you have developed through training or years of experience. Here are some questions to help you to clarify your abilities:

  • What is a list of skills that you would put on your resume to the church?
  • People who know you well always say that you are talented at this.
  • Describe a skill that you often get asked to contribute to help others.
  • What is a raw talent that if developed further would be exceptional?
  • What is a project that you always wanted to accomplish but lacked the tools or training to succeed?
  • Are you using these abilities to serve in the church? How?
  • What is the ideal way someone with your abilities would serve in the church?
  • What is one word that describes your greatest ability?


High Five:



SDI 2.0:



Your life journey is a compilation of experiences that God has allowed and many of those experiences have molded you into who you are. If God is the potter and you are the clay (Romans 9:20-21), we want to understand how God has used our experiences in preparation for future ministry.

  • Describe the painful/challenging experiences in your life and how they have affected you most. These could be experiences where you were hurt or trials that have affected who you are or maybe even helped you grow and mature.
  • Describe your education path and why you chose it. Include favorite subjects and areas where you excel.
  • What jobs have you excelled at most and why?
  • When you consider your life, what have been the most meaningful or challenging times with God?
  • Describe your ministry journey and how you have served God in the past. Highlight where you have been the most fruitful.
  • Looking ahead to ministry, highlight the life experiences that will affect your future the most.
  • What is one word that describes your life experience?


Next Steps

My Current Roles

If we are in leadership, or aspiring to leadership in our church or ministry, our life is most likely filled with responsibilities that have to get done. Our servant spirit motivates us to step in and do what needs to be done even if it’s not in the area of our gifting or calling. Use the following questions to reflect on your current roles:

  • What are the roles you currently have?
  • Which of these roles do you look forward to the most?
  • Which of those roles would you be fine with someone else taking?


Pursuing My Calling

Knowledge of our SHAPE, time in prayer, direction and promises from the Word, and the counsel of godly men and women who know us will help us determine our calling.  It is important to set specific goals for how we will pursue our calling, intentionally moving forward one step at a time.  These questions will help you formulate your plan.  Share your answers with mentors and update your answers every three months:

  • With the above input as a backdrop, state your calling in as much detail as possible.
  • What fears, reservations, and obstacles come to mind as you consider pursuing your calling? What promises from the Word can you claim to address these?
  • What next steps can you take over the next three months to pursue your calling, which may include dropping or delegating some of your current roles?
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