Collaborating to Raise Up Healthy Leaders

C1 Network Connects Church & Ministry Leaders to the People & Resources They Need to Raise Up Leaders for Christ.


Stay Connected

Stay Connected

Build and maintain deeper relationships with likeminded believers around the country and world.

Get Training & Resources

Get Training & Resources

Get access to our custom app with member networks, assessments, training, and even more.

Raise Up Healthy Leaders

Raise Up Healthy Leaders

With a C1 Network, you can raise up healthy leaders in your community to reach the world for Christ.

More Healthy Leaders Are Needed to Fulfill the Great Commission

Raising up leaders alone is hard. Whether it is not enough time or not the right gifting, we can all use help with this critical part of fulfilling the Great Commission.

At C1 Network, we believe that by helping one another raise up healthy leaders using our diverse gifts and experiences, we can share the load and make this difficult task easier.

As a result we should experience more joy and less burden in our ministry.

Featured Event


The purpose of the Dream Retreat is to delight in the Lord and discern true heart’s desires.                                                                
To learn more about the retreats watch this video about the Asheville Dream Retreat and hear from the participants:                                                           

We can offer a group Dream Retreat or a one-on-one dream time call. If you are interested in either please fill out the form below.

The Network Model

Rather than a “Ministry Model” where one central organization presents a product to its members, the C1 Network operates on a “Network Model.”

This Network Model allows us to create an environment that provides the tools, space, and framework to care for each other.

The C1 App Helps Leaders Grow Through F.A.I.T.H.

When you become a member you will get access to our custom app that has 5 core paths. This allows your team to identify areas for growth and the app provides the resources, people, and tools to succeed in your goals.

Learn more about each of these F.A.I.T.H. areas.



Learn how to grow by focusing on your unique gifting and calling.



Grow in your ability to reside in Christ and listen to the guidance of the Holy Spirit.



Get training and attend events that inspire you to display courage and faith.



Embrace being on mission together and collaborate with other believers in the C1 Network.



Pursue emotional and spiritual health using assessments, training, and mentorship with experts in the field.

Who Should Join C1 Network?

The C1 Network is open to believers who share our statement of faith and want to either develop healthy leaders or become a more effective leader in their community. 

Pastors & Pastors' Wives

Who Want a Brotherhood/Sisterhood.

Pastors & Pastors' Wives

The C1 Network helps connect likeminded pastors and pastors’ wives who want to focus on leadership training together.

Pastors in Training

Who Want Help Raising Up New Leaders

Pastors in Training

Pastors in training get connected with resources and older believers who can mentor and help them grow in their gifting and calling.

Leaders of Ministiries

Who Want to Help Each Other Raise Up Leaders

Leaders of Ministries

Ministry leaders will find a core network of peers who are eager to help with the mission and developement of new leaders.

How to Get Started

Step 1
Step 1

Join the C1 Network

Membership is free and it’s easy to join. To register you will need to get the registration code from your pastor. Then, just fill out some basic information, review and affirm our Statement of Faith and our core vaules, and we’ll get you set up

Step 2
Step 2

Get Access to the App

Our custom app is where the network takes place. You will find assessments, directiories, training, and resources so you never have to raise up leaders alone. 

Step 3
Step 3

Connect With Others

No matter what season of life you're in, you can connect with and be helped by others who have been there too.

Step 4
Step 4

Become & Raise Up Better Leaders

Church and ministry leaders now have a network to support becoming and raising up better leaders so we can reach the world for Christ.

Focusing on Christ. Connecting With Each Other

We proclaim Him, admonishing every person and teaching every person with all wisdom, so that we may present every person complete in Christ. For this purpose I also labor, striving according to His power which works mightily within me.
-Colossians 1:28-29


Frequently Asked Questions

Below are some of the common questions you may have about the C1 Network.

Is C1 Network free?

Yes. C1 Network is entirely free to join and use. We are supported through donors, so if you find value from the resources you are using and would like to become a donor, you are welcome to. But we want this to be useful to as many people as possible, so we're committed to trusting God's provision.

Why is C1 a network of leaders rather than a network of churches?

Several pastors have asked why C1 is a network of pastors and leaders rather than an association of churches.

There are several reasons which can be summarized as follows: an association of churches requires a more robust organizational structure and incorporation process than a network of leaders.  An association of churches has the following implications:

  1. Connecting churches officially by an organization increases the risk of creating a nexus between churches and thus sharing liability across churches.
  2. An association of churches has a different and more complicated federal reporting standard.
  3. There is little support for an authoritarian, hierarchical structure which overlaps existing local church and regional layers.  This lack of support is evident regardless of any attempt to codify safeguards in founding documents.
  4. In addition, outside counsel advised us that a church association would inevitably lead to unwanted authority structures.

The good news is that there is nothing that a collaborative network of leaders cannot do that an association of churches can do.  In truth, churches don’t actually collaborate with one another, leaders do.  C1 intends to help facilitate collaboration by helping leaders connect around discipleship, missions, conferences, and anything else our members want their respective organizations to do together.  Practical areas of collaboration include sharing of resources, executing conferences on joint interests.

One area of clarification that is helpful is the area of pastoral care.  C1 will not have staff positions that do pastoral care, but C1 already has resources that will make it easier to connect people across the network who can care for one another.  These direct connections will be promoted through the C1 Teaming initiative, and ‘heart healing’ will be a powerful tool for facilitating pastoral wellness and care.

C1 is a peer network. No one is leading the members, everyone is contributing, collaborating, networking together to reach the parts of the world our members are called to reach. The board and staff of C1 are only there to make sure that there is a mechanism for connectivity, collaborating and resource sharing.

Why aren't there any fees or mandatory participation?

This is to model faith in God’s provision, and trusts that you know when best to utilize the network’s resources in your ministry.  

Who leads C1 Network?

Our board, though they have limited authority.

How will C1 Network benefit my church or ministry?

The focus of C1 is pastors and leaders of ministries; it will benefit your church indirectly as you take advantage of the brotherhood, resources you can use, and it is a place you can put your gifts into action to help bless others in the network.

Why focus on building healthy leaders?

We believe additional leaders are required to reach the world with the gospel. Also, while C1 may offer services that benefit people in your church, the responsibility and authority to equip and shepherd church members lies with the local pastoral leadership, not with C1.

Does the C1 Network app help with emotional health of leaders?

Yes. We know at times, the emotional health of leaders can be negelcted for the sake of immidate needs of the church or ministry, so we've made it a part of our network to address that need.

How will this help areas like gifting or calling?

We recognize that to reach our world, we need everyone doing what they do best.  We want to embrace the leadership giftings and callings all working together until we all reach unity in the faith.

Can people who are not operating in plurality or not raised up from within the local church be part of C1?

Yes, we are here to serve each other, and in fact, the statistical data indicates that those people operating by themselves probably need access to our brotherhood even more than our historical brethren.  

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