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A list of resources offered by the C1 Members. This is a great chance to collaborate using the C1 Network.

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Mission trip coordination with Total Health

Offers to help other churches partner with Total Health and GCLA to participate in short term trips to Central America.

Contact: Mike Lowe 240-832-9834


48 Hours Retreat

Deep and challenging spiritual retreat for groups of up to 100.        .

Contact: Jerry van Dalen 786-3958822


A 40 Days church-wide emphasis

At times, we have found it valuable to bring the church together for 40 days of emphasizing something important. Past topics have included, “40 Days of Prayer” / “40 Days of Daring Faith” / “40 Days of Grasping Grace” / “40 Days of Awe.” We weave together Sunday teaching, small group discussion, daily Zoom prayer, daily video devotionals, a 24-hour hourly Zoom prayer chain and fasting done by small groups, and an all-church worship night. This special emphasis has been helpful to build excitement over a topic and bring the church together.

Contact: Brent Knox,, 952-895-0342


A model for Leadership Development

Developing leaders is a key practice for every Pastor. At Awaken, we have developed a system that complements the personal development of our people.

Contact: Frank Liu –; 904-616-0861


Abiding to Multiply Disciples So All May Know

Jesus commanded doubtful followers and devoted followers to honor His authority and unite together to make disciples who make disciples so all may know of Jesus and experience His presence. Most followers of Jesus want to pursue this but are not confident and competent on how to do this consistently. Do you have a clear, simple, and intentional way the saints in your fellowship multiply disciples? If not, this seminar will help. This seminar describes what it is to abide in Christ and practice 5 disciplines any follower of Jesus can do to be a disciple who makes disciples.

Contact: Berk Wilson -919-618-1386



To be a resource and an accountability partner for personal and church matters.

Contact: Craig Buehl 3057783635


All-campus Zoom Prayer

A few years back, we began uniting all 3 Hometown campuses by praying together regularly for 1 hour on Zoom. We pray every Sunday morning and the first full week of each month (Mon-Sat). Mon-Fri is from 5:30-6:30am. Sat and Sun is from 7-8am. We rotate leadership of the prayer time monthly with each campus assigned to facilitate the prayer time for that month.
Each prayer time is divided into 2 parts. For the first 30 min, the leader shares a verse or a passage and we thank and praise God related to that verse/passage (no asking). The second part is asking God for things related to the daily theme:
Mon – Gospel impact in our Communities, City, State, Nation, World
Tue – Church Mission, 5-year vision, Pastors, and Leaders
Wed – Schools, College/Universities, Faculty
Thur – Families, Marriages and Singles
Fri – The World; the Lost; Missionaries; Mission Organizations, Kingdom Builders
Sat – Making Disciples, Baptizing, Growth in our Relationship with Christ and Others
Sun – Church Service, Teacher, Ministries, New People

Contact: Mike Langlois


Asia Mission Trips with Doug Brown

Doug regularly takes people with him on different kinds of outreach trips to Nepal, and sometimes other Asian countries.

Contact: Doug Brown, or 816.305.5911


Be a R.E.A.L. Man

Do you know someone who struggles with what it is to be a REAL man, perhaps even you? There is much confusion about what it is to be a man. The Holy Spirit, through Paul, says that certain attitudes and actions need to be put aside so that we can become the man God wants us to be. This seminar will examine godly men and rogue men as well as define what a REAL man is. This seminar will also equip you to not only pursue what it is to be a godly man, but it will also help you to help others become godly men. In addition, it will help women know how to pray for males to become men and discern the difference between a godly man and a rogue man so they can make wise choices as to who they support and even marry.

Contact: Berk Wilson


Becoming a more effective communicator

Talks or seminars on helping pastors improve their teaching.

Contact: Tim.haring@the


Becoming a My Village Ministries Church

Come learn about the family preservation ministry that launched out of Awaken Church, My Village Ministries. My Village is a ministry of family preservation through biblical hospitality where it empowers local churches to be the consistent care and community to the socially isolated facing crisis. Learn how your whole church can get engaged in this ministry that provides a great outlet to be faithful to the great commandment and great commission. If your church is outside of central Ohio, learn what it takes to help get a chapter started in your area.

Contact: Phil Krause –, 614-648-0531


Belay Solutions

We have had a great experience working with Belay Solutions to provide a virtual assistant. They do an extensive interview of the hiring church and then the potential staff also review a video of that interview to find a good match. (Our assistant is a former Cru staffer, who also has helped administrate several church plants.) We have never had such a great experience with an assistant. They also provide many other virtual staff solutions. I’d be happy to describe my experience and answer any questions.

Contact: Pat Schultz 701-610-9115


College Student Summer Projects

Summer Projects have been vital to equipping college students to be leaders in our church and future church planters, missionaries, and pastors. The last 12 years, we have worked with other churches in our region to develop and implement LINC (Laborers Impacting Nations for Christ) If you need help or want to learn from our past experiences about creating a fruitful summer project, we would love to help.

Contact: Justin Dicus 3523183489


Cross Cultural Missions Mobilization

Assist churches or leaders develop their personal or organizational cross-cultural mission vision.

Contact: Robbie at; 803-315-2741


Developing Young Men to Elders/Pastors

Combining formal and informal training to develop both the heart and mind of young leaders. Includes how to build a connection with younger leaders to bridge natural generational divides.

Contact: Chris Martin / 614.315.8623



Disciple-making that involves friendship, evangelism, and four generation disciple-making.

Contact: Fred Douglas,, (765)5323-7177


Discipleship Groups

2 Tim 2:2 – A few men or women engaged in very intentional, relational, generational discipleship.

Contact: Tom Houser (


Dream Retreats

Helping people uncover their God given “hearts desire” through delighting in the Lord exercises and deep reflection on when God has been present in the past. Then a look at what is keeping us from living in our heart’s desires.

Contact: Tony Pierson,, 732-687-1829


EHD (Emotionally Healthy Discipleship)

I could do talks, seminars, or retreats related to the EHD skills.




Providing counsel and practical help with church budgeting and finances.

Contact: Tom Houser (


Freedom in Christ discipleship approach

A discipleship approach based on Truth, Turning, and Transformation; Truth being our identity in Jesus Christ and an understanding of the battle for our minds; Turning being the freedom found through the gentle process of repentance and right beliefs; and Transformation that takes place through the renewing of our minds. This discipleship tools trains in all of these areas

Contact: Seth Broadhurst (304) 657-1422


Healthy House Churches

What constitutes a healthy house church. Why are house churches a great environment for discipleship. How to be the church with others in real, open, loving, and transparent relationships. How every member can be on mission in incarnational ways. How to worship and follow Jesus Christ as the head of the church.

Contact: (404) 952-3983


Home church planting

Consulting, support, idea soundboard, development, etc. for those interested in home church start up or neighborhood/home-based local outreach and community building.

Contact: Paul Hardman, 3523596510


How and Why to Be Continuously Filled with the Holy Spirit

Jesus has given us a position and commands that cannot be fulfilled in our own strength. As we try to obey in our own strength we will eventually burn out or grow bitter. The position and responsibility that He gives are to be fulfilled in the power of the Holy Spirit. Though all Christians are sealed with His Spirit not all Christians have learned to walk or be continuously filled with the Holy Spirit. There is not a formula to be filled but there are foundations to what it is to be continually filled with His Spirit. This seminar examines to key ingredients to recognize what it is to walk with the Holy Spirit so that it may be said of us as it was said of Daniel, “he has the spirit of the living God in Him.”

Contact: Berk Wilson- 919618-1386


Kingdom Builders

Kingdom Builders is an annual fundraising program that is missional and appeals to giving above and beyond the tithe to the local church. Kingdom Builders funds all of Hometown’s outreach efforts, missionaries, and building projects. It allows us to communicate in a visionary and consistent fashion and eliminates the need of multiple fundraising events.

Contact: Rob Busse/ 612-839-9594 /


Launch a Conquer Group

Conquer Group sets men up to retrain their mind and understand the bondage pornography can have on their life. I have gotten to lead several 10-week conquer groups at my church, and I would love to support you to start one at your church.

Contact: Lee Gordon – – 850-345-2563


Message on “God Is Doing More Than You Realize in the World!”

Mike Bergen gives a 30-minute message on amazing things God has been doing around the world in the last 50 years – both at the macro level (making a difference in a variety of countries) and the micro level (amazing story of an individual). This is not a message to promote Mike’s personal ministry, but to increase people’s understanding of how much God is doing all over the world to build his church. It is motivational for each person to be alert to opportunities God is giving each one of us to bring people to Christ at home and all over the world! For references, you can talk to these pastors of churches where I have given this message: Rory Whitney (Omaha), Ray Harmon (Indianapolis), Pat Schultz (Grand Forks), Keith Newman (Kansas City), Adam Snell (Columbia, MO)

Contact: Mike Bergen – – 816.507.5517


Mind Games

In today’s world we can no longer afford to be naive regarding Mental Health issues. But figuring out how they intersect with spiritual issues remains a challenge. As a former LMFT and LMHC, my experience brings together those two worlds and helps Pastors integrate care with appropriate boundaries in a Biblically appropriate fashion.

Contact: Frank Liu –; 904-616-0861


Mission Nexus website

Missions consolidator that offers articles, research and resources related to everything missions.

Contact: and follow the links


Mission To Our City

Mission to Our City (MTOC) is an outreach plan that brings the experience of a mission trip to the city of the local church. Many people are unable to experience a short-term mission trip overseas, so we bring the experience to our own city. It is four full days of evangelism, eating together, praying together, and serving our city.

Contact: Rob Busse / 612-839-9594 /


Neighborhood Outreach Tactics

Best practice share of different action items and focus to build deep relationships with our neighbors.

Contact: Larry –


Outreach and Community Building with Men

Best practices for building a community of men, recovering lost tools for living and reclaiming biblical responsibilities.

Contact: Paul & Larry –


Parenting Conference

As we consider how to help pastors and ministry leaders raise up healthy leaders, there is nothing more vital than helping them develop healthy families. A key character qualification of an elder is “one who manages his household well, keeping his children under control with all dignity” (1 Timothy 3:4). This is no small objective and takes very intentional biblical training. Matt and Jan Gordon have been married for 40 years. They have raised eleven children, 16 to 37 years of age. All of their children are faithfully following the Lord. Eight of the eleven are married, and the grandchildren count is up to 21. Matt has been a pastor at Cypress Church in Gainesville, FL for 36 years. Matt and Jan would like to provide a parenting conference as a C1 Network resource. They have provided this conference over a dozen times at various churches. Typically, the conference is in four parts and takes about six hours. Financially, they are asking only that their transportation and housing be covered. For more details, or to schedule a conference contact Matt at

Contact: Matt Gordon,, 352-514-8639


Pastoral Counseling or Discipleship

An approach to pastoral counseling that is sensitive to time constraints and focused on shaping identity in Christ. Complete with intake questionnaire to make the time more impactful. A practical and transferable guide for many types of pastoral needs we face.

Contact: Chris Old 614-806-9185


Practical Wisdom

Ministry is too big and too challenging to have to learn everything the hard way. This seminar is designed to help Pastors and Ministry leaders discover shortcuts to effective ministry.

Contact: Frank Liu –; 904-616-0861


Pull Through Prayer

An outreach ministry in which motorists passing your church’s building have an opportunity to pull in and receive prayer. This has been very effective both in terms of actual fruit realized as well as the members having opportunities to have successful outreach experiences.

Contact: Jack Stockdale 614-678-9044;


Sabbatical and Succession Process “Coaching”

It would probably be more in the way of sharing what I’ve learned in my journey.

Contact: Seth Broadhurst (304) 657-1422


Secure In An Insecure World – Finding the Love of Your Life

How to overcome insecurity, peer pressure, and loneliness to become secure, content, and confident so that one makes a wise decision about who they marry. The content is useful for everyone, no matter what their marital status is.

Contact: (404) 952-3938



Activating Individuals & maximizing gifts within their faith community.

Contact: Larry –


Short Term Mission Trip Team – Support Raising Training

Mission trips are awesome and life changing, but finances are often a hinderance. I have gotten to train up mission teams to raise support through their church. It’s a 4-hour training, then 1 hour follow up zoom calls every two weeks for 2 months. If the team puts in the work, God is faithful to provide the team to support.

Contact: Lee Gordon – 850-345-2563


Solomon’s Seven Secrets to Financial Freedom

Being good stewards of the finances and assets that God has given us.

Contact: Bob Bartlett,, 701-740-1518


The 48 Hours retreat

It is a powerful 2-day event in the form of a retreat, which combines spiritual disciplines, loving confrontation, and Biblical confession. It has been a powerful tool for saints to get unstuck and refocused in serving God, resulting in lives revived and transformed with long-lasting effects.

Contact: 786-3958822


Transformational Prayer (TPM) Training Starter

Provides a starter course / presentation on the benefits, ways, and training to begin to develop this skill at your church. See also

Contact: Greg Standinger


What Is Better Than Free? Restoring the Lost Work Ethic

How to view work, paid and unpaid, from God’s perspective. How to elevate chores, tasks, and all work to the noble positions that God instructs us to have. How to help train our children to love to work starting at home. How to view money and material possessions from a Biblical perspective. How to do all our work for God and His glory.

Contact: (404) 952-3983

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